24 Inch Life Ring Buoy With SOLAS Reflective Tape

24 Inch Life Ring Buoy With SOLAS Reflective Tape

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24 Inch Life Ring Buoy, with SOLAS Reflective Tape.

** 8mm & 10mm throw lines available here

Optional extras: Stainless Steel Mounting Hook, Encapsulated Throw Line or both
(See description below for more information)

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These life ring buoys are used for various commercial and leisure applications. Lighter than the 30" buoys they are easier to be deployed and ideally suited to areas where the life buoy needs to be thrown rather than lowered, such as streams, lakes, ponds, and some beaches.

This lifebuoy is used by Local and River authorities, golf clubs, holiday parks and all kinds of personal and commercial uses.

Outside dia 57cm - Internal dia 35cm - Weight 1.26kg (Approx dims)

Buoyancy in Newtons: 80N

These lifebuoys are PU foam filled to prevent water ingress.

Features & Benefits of Throw lines Options:

For retrieval of the lifebuoy, we recommend either of the following throw lines: a loose 20 - 30m floating line, or an Encapsulated Line that fits neatly inside the life buoy ring.

Polypropylene Life Ring Rope Details:

20 metres of 8mm floating rope which is made from braided polypropylene.  Light weight, easy to handle, with high visibility. Can be attached to life rings and is suitable as a rescue rope

  • Highly visible yellow with red marker
  • Easy to hank and tie to lifebuoys or other PRE
  • UV Resistance – Moderate
  • Floats
  • Light weight
  • Soft to the hand
  • Breakload 900kg

* It is recommended that all throw lines & rescue ropes are stored out of direct sunlight and checked regularly, to preserve the life of the throw line.

Encapsulated throw line details:

  • Easy to deploy helps prevent tangling
  • Handle aids grip of lifebuoy
  • Enclosure helps protect the line from UV Light/ Weather
  • Rope: 20m,  6mm Braided Polyethylene 334 KG break Load
  • Holder: Low Density Polyethlene
  • Sleeve: PVC Soft Grade UV Resistant.
  • Dimensions:  480mm L x 75mm H x 120mm W
  • Weight: 0.600kg

For mounting: Either a stainless steel Mounting Hook, or a Lifebuoy Housing Cabinet

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