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30 Inch Lifebuoy Ring – SOLAS Compliant (2.5kg)

30 Inch Lifebuoy Ring – SOLAS Compliant (2.5kg)

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30″ Diameter 2.5kg SOLAS / MED Ships Wheel compliant Lifebuoy

Can be sold with these optional extras: Stainless Steel Mounting Hook, Encapsulated Throw Line or both.
See description below for more technical information

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£29.50 ex VAT
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£60.50 ex VAT

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Fitted with SOLAS compliant reflective tape, the 30 inch lifebuoy is a popular choice. They have a higher level of buoyancy and a larger diameter, than the 24 inch buoys.

30 inch life buoys, are used for various commercial and leisure applications. They are suitable where there is a straight drop between the rescuer and casualty such as Docks, Piers, Harbours, Marinas and Boats.

The approximate dimensions are: outside diameter 74cm - inside diameter 44.0cm.

The approximate weight is 2.5kg

Material: High Density Cross Linked Polyethylene 30 inch lifebuoys are PU foam filled, to prevent water ingress.

Optional products:   (8mm & 10mm floating throw lines available here)

For retrieval of the lifebuoy, we recommend either of the following throw lines:  floating throw line rope, or an Encapsulated Throw Line that fits neatly inside the life buoy ring, depending on your application or requirements for SOLAS.

Encapsulated throw line details:
Rope: 30m,  6mm Braided Polyethylene 334 KG break Load
Holder: Low Density Polyethlene
Sleeve: PVC Soft Grade UV Resistant.
Dimensions   480mm L x 75mm H x 120mm W
Weight: 0.600kg

For mounting we recommend either: a stainless steel Mounting Hook, or a Lifebuoy Housing Cabinet.