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Encapsulated Throw Line for 30 inch Lifebuoy Rings

Encapsulated Throw Line for 30 inch Lifebuoy Rings

£20.00 ex VAT

This encased floating throw line fits snugly into the internal diameter of a 30″ lifebuoy ring.

(see description below for more information)

This encapsulated throw line (sometimes called a Perry Buoy line) is a tidy solution, to aid retrieval of the 30 inch life buoy ring.

**Not designed for lifting**

The housing helps protect the rope and prevents tangling and unwanted interference.

Contains 30 meters of floating line
Each throw line has an instruction label attached.

Rope: 6mm Braided Polyethylene 334 KG break Load
Holder: Low Density Polyethlene
Sleeve: PVC Soft Grade UV Resistant.
Dimensions   480mm L x 75mm H x 120mm W
Weight: 0.600kg

Smaller version also available for 24" Lifebuoys