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Which Lifebuoy & Housing is Right for you ?



Organisations/Individuals should carry out their own risk assessment, to help them decide what is the appropriate size and number of lifebuoys for their given environment. We have provided some information below, which we hope helps assist with choosing, after your initial assesment:

This serves as reference information only and your final decision should be based on your own risk assessment/relevant legislation/ guidance from public bodies.

 What Size Lifebuoy Ring ?

There are two sizes of lifebuoy we have for sale: the 24 inch and 30 inch both these sizes are nominal and they actually come up slightly smaller:

 24 Inch lifebuoys: The 24″ lifebuoys weigh approximately 1.2 – 1.5kg, as a result, they have a greater throwing distance than the heavier 30″ lifebuoys. Their lighter weight also makes them easier for the elderly, or younger people to deploy and less likely to cause injury if they hit the casualty. These lifebuoys have approximately 80 newtons of buoyancy.

  • They are helpful in situations where the casualty is only likely to be in the water for a short period of time and during rescue and where egress from the water is fairly easy.

Life rings for lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds are important and you will often find 24″ life rings in these environments. Where they can be thrown to the casualty.



30 Inch lifebuoys: The 30″ (SOLAS complaint) lifebuoys weigh approximately 2.5kg. Their greater weight reduces the throwing distance however: as a result of their size, they offer more buoyancy. These lifebuoys have approximately 180 newtons of buoyancy.

  • They are helpful in situations where there are multiple casualties, casualties may be in the water for longer/where casualties might not be easily recovered from the water, or where casualties are weighted down with heavy clothing or equipment. They are also fitted with SOLAS compliant reflective tape, to assist with visibility.

* These 30″ lifebuoys are SOLAS complaint.

These lifebuoys are often seen ( although not exclusively) where there is a vertical drop between the casualty and the rescuer (so they can be lowered to the casualty) e.g marinas, piers ,harbour walls, and rivers. 

Both lifebuoy sizes can be purchased with a stainless steel hook for hanging.


choosing a lifebuoy ring
choosing a lifebuoy housing cabinet

Life Buoy Housing Cabinets!

The lifebuoy housing cabinets: Choosing a lifebuoy cabinet helps protect the lifebuoy rings from the elements and make them more visually obvious. The lifebuoy housing we sell is designed to fit both 24″ and 30″ lifebuoys, allowing people to interchange the buoys when needed.

The housing cabinet can be either rail mounted (will fit rails or poles up to 50mm) with 2 galvanised U- bolts or post mounted. The posts choice is either surface mounted with a base plate (for example bolted in to decking), or below surface mounted (for example concreted in to the ground).

We also offer the same housing with a cover so the lifebuoy ring is fully enclosed.

Which Life buoy Throw Line ?

Every body of water is different from fast flowing rivers and oceans to ponds and streams. As with lifebuoy rings your risk assesment should determine the correct throw line for your environment.

Encapsulated throw lines

One popular choice for attaching to lifebuoys positioned by inland and costal waters is the encapsulated throw-line.

The 6mm line and enclosure fits snugly inside the lifebuoy and helps prevent the line tangling over time, potentially reducing the time it takes to deploy the life buoy.

They also have a handle, to help prevent the line slipping out of the rescuer’s hands while the lifebuoy is deployed.

As the line is enclosed they also benefit from more UV protection.

Once used, if the line cannot be put back without potential tangling it is important to replace the whole unit.

Encapsulated line holder for 24 inch lifebuoy

Encapsulated line holder for 30 inch lifebuoy

** These lifebuoy throw lines contain 6mm Polyethylene braided rope with a breaking strain of 334 KG.

8 & 10mm Floating Rope

8 & 10mm floating throw line ropes which can tied to the lifebuoy are another popular option.   

We sell polyethylene and polypropylene floating rope in 8 & 10mm  and in various lengths.

They feature higher breakloads and flexibility in length.

Sometimes a softer material or braid may be required for easier handling.

Although we predominately deal with inland & costal PRE, certain maritime codes specify specific rope thicknesses/type for boats depending on vessel type/size. Please consult your relevant regulations.

Should you require rope,  we sell various ropes here on our throw lines pages:






choosing a encapsulated throw line

Some useful links:

  1. The RNLI guide to public rescue equipment
  2. The RLSS guide on water safety




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