Life Rings and Life Ring Housings

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Lifebuoys Direct are leading suppliers of commercial and leisure water safety equipment. Here you’ll find our life rings and related housings.

What is a life ring (lifebuoy)?

A life ring is a buoyant ring-shaped device used to assist a person struggling to stay afloat in water and at risk of drowning. In an emergency situation, a lifebuoy should be thrown to the casualty with the throw line attached so it can easily be held on to and the casualty can be pulled to safety, by the rescuer holding the other end of the throw line.

Life rings should be available close to any body of water that presents a drowning risk or could be dangerous if a person fell in. A comprehensive risk assessment should be carried out to ascertain which lifebuoys should be used and where they should be positioned.

Only 30″ life rings are required to comply with SOLAS regulations as there are no regulations for 24″ lifebuoys. Please also note that sizes 30″ and 24″ are nominal and the actually sizes of each life ring in cm, is on the product page description.

You can use our help with choosing page to assist with selecting the right lifebuoy for your needs. We also stock a range for different throw lines including encapsulated/enclosed throw lines which can be attached to the lifebuoys to assist with deploying and retrieval.

Do I need a life ring housing cabinet?

A life ring housing cabinet is not a mandatory requirement however; they are highly recommended.

They provide several benefits firstly they protect your lifebuoys from the elements (rain, wind sea and solar UV exposure). Enclosing them keeps them shielded from wind and rain and therefore increases the longevity, of your lifebuoys and throw lines .

Life ring housings, are also highly visible and easy to recognise. They can be positioned up to 1.5m above ground level, as such they allow rescuers to quickly locate the life ring.

Another great benefit of these lifebuoy holders, is that they help prevent vandalism and theft. They act as a deterrent for any potential thieves, particularly if they are in an enclosed life ring housing.

Our enclosed lifebouy housings can be purchased with an instructional safety sign. This shows the user how to remove and throw the life ring and displays criminal damage legislation.



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