Lifebuoy Housing Cabinet for 24″ & 30″ Lifebuoys

Lifebuoy Housing Cabinet for 24″ & 30″ Lifebuoys

£100.00£160.00 ex VAT

Our lifebuoy housing cabinet is:
  • Cleverly designed to accommodate either 30″ or 24″ life buoys.
  • Highly visible.
  • UV treated to  prevent fading
  • Made from durable & hard wearing HDPE.

Optional extras include: Rail mount set, 1.5 meter galvanised base mount post, or 2 meter galvanised below surface mounting post.
(see description below for more details)
(£120 – £192 Inc VAT)

(Please note: does not include the Lifebuoy & Line – sold separately)

£100.00 ex VAT
£112.00 ex VAT
£160.00 ex VAT
£160.00 ex VAT

Usage of our lifebuoy housing, helps reduced risk of vandalism and protects the lifebuoy from the elements.

Added Features & Benefits

  • UV treated to prevent fading.
  • Life buoy holder, is designed to hold either a 30" or a 24" life ring. (Saving you money, should you wish to change lifebuoy sizes in the future)
  • Suitable for mounting on wall, rail, or post mounting:
  • Protects your throw lines, as well as any lifebuoys.

The Rail Mounting kit:  features two galvanised u-bolts, which simply hook around a horizontal rail or pole and are secured by the M10 nuts and washers supplied. They are suitable for rails up to 50mm in diameter.

The Galvanised Posts:  The 1.5 metre post features a 200mm x 200mm base plate, which can be mounted to the appropriate surface such as decking. The 2 metre post is designed to be below surface mounted.
Both posts are 60mm W x 40mm D

Also available with an optional enclosed cover.

(Please note: does not include the lifebuoy & Line - sold separately.)

Approximate weight: Housing: 6kg - Poles: 8.25kg