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Rescue Throw Line Cabinet with Rail Mount Kit

£145.00 EX VAT

Enclosed rescue throw line container
Provides excellent weather protection preventing UV and water damage.
Very easy to operate with a drop down door to release the rescue line.
The door can be fitted with an antitamper seal or a padlock to deter theft or vandalism.
It can be mounted to a wall, railings or a GRP post
Location and instruction label available at small extra cost.
Ideal for Riversides – Canals – Lakes
Height x width x depth mm: 390.3 x 234.6 x 312.7

SKU: SOS603+Rail Mount Kit Category:

Rescue Throw line Bag

Ideal for beaches, rivers, lakes and ponds this robust rescue throw line bag features: 25 meters of 6mm floating rope, housed in a Nylon PVC covered bag.

The bag is weighted to assist with precise throwing. It also has a 20mm webbing handle for the casualty to grab and a handle for the rescuer.

This throw line is a popular choice for Kayakers and other water sports enthusiasts.

Dimensions : 100mm x 500mm
Total Weight: 0.83kg
Colour: Bright yellow