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Rescue Throw Line Cabinet

£125.00£215.00 EX VAT

Enclosed rescue throw line bag housing cabinet:

  • Designed specifically to house rescue throw line bags of various sizes
  • Robust high quality design & manufactured in the UK
  • Protects against UV damage
  • Can be fitted with anti tamper seal or padlock

More information & mounting options below:

* Please note lead time for these cabinets is 4-7 days
** Sticker not included please contact us for a separate quote for these
***Minimum quantity 2 cabinets

£125.00 EX VAT
£145.00 EX VAT
£215.00 EX VAT
£215.00 EX VAT
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Throw Line Bag Cabinet

This high quality cabinet provides excellent weather protection preventing UV and water damage. It has numerous mounting options for easy placement near the body of water.

Can house our throw line bags

Very easy to operate with a drop down door to release the rescue line/throw line bag.

Can be fitted with an anti-tamper seal or a padlock to deter theft or vandalism. Comes with two anti-tamper seals.

Mounting options:

    • Wall mounting
    • Rail mounting
    • 1.5 meter, surface mounted GRP post which can be bolted or screwed in to the ground
    • 2 meter sub surface mounted GRP post which can be concreted in to the ground

Location and instruction label available at small extra cost. (Please email for details

Ideal for Riversides – Canals – Lakes – Ports – Marinas -Jetty

Height x width x depth mm: 390.3 x 234.6 x 312.7

Weight Kg: 3Kg