Encapsulated Throw Line for 30 inch Lifebuoy Rings

£20.00 EX VAT

This encased floating throw line fits snugly into the internal diameter of a 30″ lifebuoy ring.

(see description below for more information)


This encapsulated throw line (sometimes called a Perry Buoy line) is a tidy solution, to aid retrieval of the 30 inch life buoy ring.

The housing helps protect the rope and prevents tangling and unwanted interference.

Contains 30 meters of floating line
Each throw line has an instruction label attached.

Rope: 6mm Braided Polyethylene 334 KG break Load
Holder: Low Density Polyethlene
Sleeve: PVC Soft Grade UV Resistant.
Dimensions   480mm L x 75mm H x 120mm W
Weight: 0.600kg

Smaller version also available for 24″ Lifebuoys

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