30″ Lifebuoy & Open Housing Cabinet Set

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The basic set on its own, comprises of:

A tough lifebuoy housing,  designed to fit either a 30″ lifebuoy or a 24″ lifebuoy ring. (housing only)
A 30″ SOLAS compliant lifebuoy (2.5 kg).
A 30″ enclosed throw tine for 30″ lifebuoy rings.

Optional extras include either: a rail mount set, a 1.5 meter galvanised base mounting post, or a 2 meter galvanised, below surface mounting post.
(see description below for more details)


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Using a lifebuoy housing helps reduce the risk of vandalism and helps protect the lifebuoy and throw line, from the elements. This life buoy housing is UV treated to prevent fading.

Manufactured in hard wearing orange polyethylene, the housing is suitable for mounting on wall, rail or post:

The Rail Mounting kit:  features two galvanised ubolts which simply hook around a rail or horizontal pole and are secured by  the M10 nuts and washers supplied. They are suitable for rails up to 50mm in diameter.

The Galvanised Posts:  The 1.5 meter post features a 200mm x 200mm base plate, which can be mounted to the appropriate surface, such as decking. The 2 meter post is designed to be below surface mounted.
Both posts are 60mm W x 40mm D

Basic set approximate weight 9kg
Post approximate weight 8.25kg

Life Buoy Cabinet specs:
Material: Polyethylene
Dimensions: 850mm x 850mm x 230mm Weight: 6.5kg

Life Buoy Cabinet Lid Specs:
Material: Polyethylene
Dimensions (mm): 640mm x 800mm x 70mm Weight: 3kg