Throw lines, Floating Rope and Throw Bags

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Rescue Throw line, Marine Rope, Polyethylene Rope &  Polypropylene Rope 

If a person is struggling in water, a lifebuoy ring keeps them afloat until they’re pulled out. When used with a lifebuoy throw line, the lifebuoy ring becomes a much more effective rescue device. 

Throw lines are attached to lifebuoy rings to assist with deploying and casualty retrieval. Floating rope – in bright orange for enhanced visibility – is also useful for this purpose. Throw lines and ropes enable the rescuer to pull the casualty out of the water from a safe distance on land. 

When it comes to choosing, our encapsulated throw lines are a popular option. They come in sturdy cases that prevent tangling and damage. The cases fit neatly within the diameter of the lifebuoy ring to ensure the line can easily be found in an emergency.

For water sports enthusiasts, our throw line bag is a good choice. The weighted rescue bag aids a precise throw, while the handles afford both the casualty and the rescuer a good grip. 

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